Because we are all different in the same way...


Our vision is to inspire an open dialogue with those different from ourselves, expand our understanding of diversity and break down ill-conceived social biases.

AFC is a nonprofit, grass roots initiative seeking to make foundational changes in the way people interact with one another. We invite you to be a part of that journey towards making the world a warmer place to live.



Have Face to Face Conversations

There is no substitute for having a friendly chat in the same room with one another. Real people having real conversations instead of making anonymous comments from behind a keyboard is the cornerstone of all AFC hopes to accomplish.


Explore Our Differences

We are all different in the same way. Each person brings their unique perspective to the world we all share and none of us will agree on everything. But exploring these differing perspectives to helps us to learn more about the reasons behind them. Walking a mile in someone else's shoes, or even just talking with them about their journey, leads to greater understanding and tolerance.


Connect With Others

It's very easy to stay in the comfort zones of our everyday routines with unchallenged opinions. But this only tends to contribute to our lack of understanding of the world around us. We challenge you to expand your thinking through new experiences and interactions to become a more enlightened citizen of the world. 

What Comes Next?

This initiative is gaining momentum but still has plenty of room to grow and evolve. We are both energized by the amazing support received so far, and excited by challenges and rewards that lie ahead!

More meet ups, special events, partnerships, and student outreach programs planned for the near future. Join our email list on the home page and follow AFC on Facebook to get the latest updates as more plans come online.

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